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Laptop Suzi: Take Your Laptop for a Spin
Computer Accessories
Friday June 29, 2007
Laptop Suzi is essentially a Lazy Susan for your lappie, so you can share your computing experience with others, without having to actually move the laptop. Nice! It'll also keep your laptop cooler by simply raising it off the surface of your table.  
If you're using one laptop with a bunch of people, say in a school or office setting, the Laptop Suzi could be just what you need. If you're interested, the Laptop Suzi is on sale now direct from the site for $39.95.


A low-tech solution for high-tech productivity!


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Laptop Suzi is only
6½” x 6½” x ⅝”

Easily sits under your laptop
At home, at the office and on the road!

Only ” thin
& weighs less than ¾ lb

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