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Here's what our happy customers say about Laptop Suzi:

"The Laptop Suzi helps to keep computers cool, reduces screen glare, crooked necks and crowding around a laptop to see what's uploading!" -- Jeannette Carrillo, Managing editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal

"If you're using one laptop with a bunch of people, say in a school or office setting, the Laptop Suzi could be just what you need." -- Matt Safford, GearLog, A gadget guide by geeks, for geeks - PC Magazine network

"I love your product and your great service!"
 - Regards, Paul Daly, New York, NY


"Thank you for your great customer service! I was looking for a swivel base for my laptop on my yahoo search engine and found your website. I will be using it on my dining room table to be able to show my wife pictures, news, weather maps, and other various things." - Pete S., MN.


"I love my Laptop Suzi, she is a smooth operator!"
- Thanks, Al H. FL


"The product clearly meets my expectation and I'm glad that I have made the right purchase with the right source. Thanks." - Kelly, Singapore Singapore

Hi, I found the laptop Suzi by doing a yahoo search for laptop swivels. I sell insurance on a part-time basis, and it would help me greatly to be able to turn the laptop around, so the client could see the online quotes. Also, the small size of the swivel helps out greatly. - Thanks, John Maxwell


"One of my co-workers has a Laptop Suzi and I see how easy it makes working with clients when we need to share the laptop to enter confidential information. It makes it so much easier to swivel the laptop instead of having to slide it around back and forth. It provides a much more professional way to do business." Stockton H., NC OFFICE

"Hello - The Suzi arrived this afternoon and I'm very happy with the product. It is exactly what I needed. I can't thank you enough for expediting the shipping and I will definitely be contacting you again (probably within the next 30 days) to order at least 2 more." Have a great week - Ross R., CA ARTIST

What a great little invention!!!!!
Good Morning, I have a co worker that has one of your products and she loves it. We are insurance agents and use our laptops for a living. I purchased 5 of your products... one for me, 2 for other co workers and one for my daughter to use with her new laptop and one for an attorney that uses a lap top all the time. I'm sure we will all be thrilled with our new laptop suzi's.  -
Warmest Regards, Peg Graqham, GA


"I do not use a laptop. I am using it to swivel my desktop computer screen.  I can now turn the screen to face people sitting at my desk, preventing them from walking around my desk to see what's on my screen. It accommodates my need for privacy as I work and at other times my need to share what's on my screen with staff who are in my office for meetings." - Cherie S., City of Westminster, CO


"My friend was using it and I liked it! I ordered two to be used at home." --  Isaac Schmool, N.Y.

is believing!

"I am a landscape construction company owner and I am always sitting at a customer’s kitchen table showing pictures of what I have done as well as showing pictures on the internet.  I was looking for something that I can use that will not scratch the customers table, yet allow me to spin back and forth so everyone can  see."  - John Bell, Southern Greenscapes, SC 


 "Hello, I came across your product while searching for a laptop on Google. I am a real estate agent in North Atlanta and have been thinking of upgrading to a new laptop. I have seen a laptop where the monitor can swivel on an axis to show a client during presentation etc. I searched keywords laptop swivel on Google. You are ranked in the third organic spot. Of course, I clicked and came across Laptop Suzy.  To me it made perfect sense. Now I can purchase any laptop I want and probably save some money as well. 
     Reason - When I am on a listing presentation with my laptop I like to be able to use my wireless pc card and show the client where I advertise, some of my listings, my website etc. This has actually been a goal of mine for a long time now. When I saw Laptop Suzy
I just imagined my self being even more professional, savvy, etc.
 Sometimes I only get one chance to prove my worth in a presentation and having this product with me will definitely help. 
    I cant wait to receive and begin using it."
Chris McCarley  
678-294-5185 (Cell)


"One of my friends had been given your product by another friend. I Googled and got your link. I use my Apple Mac for everything, business and personal stuff. I really needed the convenience of your product." -- Thanks, Bill Bridges, SC.


"I am a furniture sales rep. who covers Colorado, New Mexico & West Texas. My factory is using less photographs and expecting us to make our sales presentations more and more using our laptop computers. I searched online and your product seemed like the best quality one of its kind." Thanks, Dusty R. Fryer, Marketing Representative, Mobile (720) 936-1815,  Fax (303) 639-3152


"My assistant found your site. I do financial planning.
I have a laptop and got tired of moving the screen around for the client to see.
" Thanks -- Lane Ginsberg, GA.


"I was in class for supplemental insurance and the instructor gave us the web address for the Laptop Suzi. I will be using this for laptop one-on-one benefit enrollments" -- Norma D., KY


"I found your product through Google. I almost bought another brand, but yours was a much more useable size at 6 x 6. I believe the other product was 10 x 12 and was round in shape. Yours looks like a really nice design. Looking forward to using it. I plan to keep my laptop on an end table that sits between two couches  in the living room and using the swivel to turn the lap top around so my kids can use it on the other couch. We tend to swap back and forth using my laptop and this will make it much easier." - Barry B., CA


“I had to get another Laptop Suzi because my husband kept taking mine and I couldn’t do without it!”
Debbie, PBG, FL


“I use mine on a daily basis and I love it!” 
Sammy Zattair, CEO, Laptop City Online, West Palm Beach, FL


Q. Dear Karen, what will be using the 30 Suzis you ordered?
A. "There are laptops in our exam rooms. The doctors like the ability to swivel the laptop so they can easily show patients diagrams or visuals, and also they can position themselves where the patient can't see the screen." 

Karen S., Office Associate II, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Medical Center

"Hello, I can't wait to receive it!  We have a home office with several desktop PC's and 2 laptops...  one that we share on a peninsula desk.  I got tired of picking it up and turning it one way or the other.  We did a google search for the term "laptop swivel" and that's how we found your site. I think it's an super idea! Thanks!"
Lorie P., Site Arts, Inc.

Home Office

"Thank you so much for your help!  Our News anchors will be much happier with their computer back on the set!  (I’ll send you a picture of the final installation)", Thanks again! Regards. -- Ed Sparks, IT Manager, KVUE - ABC, Austin, TX


"Hello, We needed a swivel for our Laptops as we attend teacher conferences at hotels and convention centers.  We generally have a table with our materials to hand out to our members and a laptop where we display our web page. It has been a chore to turn the laptop around for our members to see the screen without messing up the tablecloth. So, I Googled “Laptop swivel” and a few came up.  I really liked the fact that your product is thin and lightweight and will fit in our Laptop bag.  We are looking forward to using it."  - Carol A., CA


Q. How did you find LaptopSuzi?
A. "Your website came up following a Google search under “Laptop swivel” (which is the product I was looking for, as opposed to the pillow-type, or full sized products out there)." 

Q. What will you be using your Suzi for?

A. "It will be used when I’m on the road, particularly with the laptop plugged in (as it gets quite warm).  Otherwise, at my desk at home / office, the laptop is plugged into a docking station."
--  Dr. Leo K.H. Wong, Head, Department of General Practice, Langley Memorial Hospital, BC., Family Physician, St. Luke Family Practice, BC. 


"I found you guys through a Google search and was impressed with what looks to be a better engineered product than the other swivels I have seen both live and online. I liked the solid bearings and the low profile. My applications are; for a notebook used for kids homework (your conventional application) and for a DVR/cable box under a wall mounted flat screen to swivel." -- Don Haid


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 11:08 AM
Thanks for the quick reply. I just bought one in black. I'm sure my Dad will love it........Jeff

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 08:02:19 AM

Dear Jeff, we ship via US Priority Mail. It generally takes about 3-4 days. And you won’t have to pay any additional shipping .
... LS
Monday, April 21, 2008 9:19 PM

Good afternoon, my Dad's birthday is on May 2nd and I want to buy him a laptop Suzi. If I order it on 4/22 and I live in Northern California, what do I need to pay for shipping to make sure it is here by that date?.....Thanks......Jeff


“I love my Laptop Suzi! I just got a new laptop for college and I can see how it will come handy for study sessions with my friends.” - Kate, Freshman, Columbia, MD


“I just had to have a Laptop Suzi! As a photographer,
I am constantly working with my clients, showing them their photographs on my laptop. It’s the perfect tool for my job. It makes my work so much easier!”

Jill Hayes Photography, Inc.

Professional Pet and People Portraits
, Tavernier, FL


“Wow! Thank you for such a great tool. I use it at meetings with my clients and at home to share photos and web browsing. You are right, I can’t go without it!” – Bill, Lake Worth, FL


“I leave it under my laptop most of the time. It has made
sharing information at my meetings very easy and most importantly, it really has ergonomically improved my sitting position.”
M. Karam, Marketing VP, MD



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Laptop Suzi is only
6½” x 6½” x ⅝”

It easily sits under your laptop

Only ” thin &
very lightweight for easy carry!

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Laptop Suzi is available in four different colors: red, white, blue and black.

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